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You Drive

Our drive experiences are unique. You drive a V8 Buggy, a Yamaha YXZ or WRX Rally Car.

Off Road Rush Drive Experience

Off Road Rush SydneyDrive a V8 Buggy, Turbo Can-Am Buggy, or a WRX Turbo Rally Car

At Off Road Rush Sydney, our aim is to give you the opportunity to drive all vehicles (some of the most extreme race cars on dirt). If driving isn’t your thing then we also offer the most thrilling hot laps / passenger rides in Australia.

Our instructors are the best you will find and their priorities are simple; they want to keep you safe and ensure you have a heap of fun. They are all Off Road Racers that have a passion for the sport and want to share their knowledge and experience with you, to ensure that you get the best drive experience possible.

To be able to combine our passion for off road racing and to be able to give customers an awesome experience and glimpse into the sport, is just the best. We are very lucky!

So, if you think you like the sound of this, and you would like to have a heap of fun and do something different, book your drive online with us today. We look forward to welcoming you soon!